Author: Victoria Leigh

Understanding Photography Styles – Documentary Photography

We already covered several photography styles in two of our previous articles. This post is a continuation of that subject as we take a look at several other genres. This post will give you an insight into one of the styles If you find it interesting, then do more research on the same as it can turn into your source of income. And remember, if you like one style then there is a good chance that you will be good at it as dedication works better if you like what you do. Documentary photography – it’s all about the...

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Camera – Understanding The Tool Of The Trade

Individuals who know little to nothing about the device they use are nothing more than people who see photography as a hobby and nothing more. Even amateur photographers know something about the tool they use. They also know that becoming a pro is hard and knowing about every aspect of that work is what makes a pro. Things about the camera any amateur should know Almost every beginner will learn something about exposure. The problem is that knowing about exposure means little because they forget to learn about the camera and how it reacts to the light. A metering...

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Beginner’s Guide To Photography

Photography is a complicated subject, and it takes more than one short article to explain some necessary things about it. This article will give you an insight into some things every amateur photographer needs to know. If you want to turn photography from a hobby to a money-making business, then this article is an excellent point to start. This post will contain some basic info about some things that will turn you into a photographer who will know how to make pictures people will buy. Different aspects of exposure Exposure is an important aspect of photography. The lack of...

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