Marketing is all about presenting a product is the best way it is possible, so people will like it enough to spend money on it. Pictures play a big part in promotional campaigns, and thus a smart photographer can make a decent living if they choose a photography style that focuses on marketing.


Several different styles cater to the marketing business, and they are quite popular among young people. However, the popularity of these styles makes it hard for an individual to become someone whose services are highly demanded. But, if you manage to make it work then the amount of profit you will reap is higher than the majority of other photography styles will get you.

Food photography – more than just taking pictures of your meals

Many restaurants make use out of food photography to advertise their business. However, this doesn’t mean that they just take photos of their dishes with mobile phones. No, pictures you see on their sites are made by professionals who work along with food stylists to produce images that are perfect.

Photography by Kang L

This style is focused on the use of natural light as it allows for the production of pictures that accentuate the colors of the ingredients found in the dish. If you are a creative individual, then it won’t take much to become a food stylist along with being a professional food photographer. You don’t need any advanced cooking knowledge as the food you see in pictures doesn’t taste good due to it being just a subject of a photo and the aesthetic is more important than taste (in this case).

Fashion photography – Capturing the beauty

Fashion photography is all about finding the right angle from which the subject and the clothes they wear will shine the best. The environment doesn’t matter as it is possible to create fashion photos both in a studio and outside. The photographer needs to have a good eye to choose pictures that reflect the beauty of the subject better than other images.


One good thing about this style is that the subject knows which poses work best and the fact that you can take hundreds of photos before choosing one or two that will go into a magazine or on a site.