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Victoria Leigh Photo is a photography studio that is in business for more than five years. This means that we have experience that propelled us from just another studio to the top of the industry. The majority of people we employ are professionals that have years of experience in this business.

Check our site for additional information on what we do and how we do it. Those that have some further questions can contact us through our email.


Why we are different

Our popularity comes from the fact that we are different than our competition. Work we do is fast because we employ many more people than other photography studios.

Our focus on small things that matter is why people come to us whenever they need some photos. Our editing department is what makes a big difference as we can turn an average photo into something abnormal with their help. Professional photographers who understand the lighting and the importance of the background are also something that sets us apart from the competition.

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We Provide The Best Servces

The services we offer are superior to the competition because we know what you need.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography is our original service as that is where we started all those years ago. This service includes everything from professional photographer and his assistants to work on editing pictures.

Portrait photography

This is a niche  that we offer to all those who want professional portraits to hang in their rooms. You will have to come to our studio due to lighting settings that turn a regular portrait into something you will admire.

Corporate photography

Corporate photography refers to the promotion of companies through photos. It can also refer to taking pictures of corporate parties and similar events. We will create images that will reflect the brilliance of your business.

Magazine Photoshoots

Magazine Photoshoots require a lot of work as they need an artistic sense that many people lack. This is one of our premium services as we are known for our excellent magazine shoots will make you look great.

How we work

We aren’t one of those “photography studios” that employ two guys with “arguably” professional devices and a guy that does editing. Our business employs more than half a dozen of photographers and double the number of assistants and editors. You can come to our studio if you want pictures taken in a professional environment with artificial lighting that allows us to create photographs that need little to no editing.

Tara Y.
New York, NY

Meet our creative team

Our team consists of people who are dedicated to their job which is why they do it so well.

John is one of our most experienced photographers which mean that he has a lot of work. He takes on the high profile photo-shoots where the clients are famous people.

John F.


Rebecca is the lead editor of our company which means that she works on editing pictures to remove flaws and to enhance the overall feel of the scenery and the people in it.

Rebecca B.

Lead Editor

Bill is the trainer of assistants and thus his job is to educate new employees on how to help photographers take perfect pictures. He works with photographers to improve the skills.

Bill J






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Need a photographer?

Contact us if you need a photographer that will capture the shots of a memorable day of your life. We are always prepared to send our crew to take pictures of your big event, no matter whether that is a wedding or a corporate event.

Pictures you order will be ready in a matter of hours if you don’t want any advanced editing on them. On the other hand, edited photos take a day or so to complete.


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Cambridge, MA 02139, USA