Photography has fifteen distinct styles you can try. This diversity is an excellent thing as it allows young people to specialize in one genre and make money from it. Now, our company is all about the work with people which is why we don’t take on jobs of creating landscape pictures or something similar.

However, you don’t have to focus on a genre of photography we work with, at the moment, as every style can bring you money as long as you are dedicated to perfecting it.

If you are good at what you are doing, then we will find a place for you in our company. If you don’t want (or can’t) work for us, then many other studios will take you into their ranks. On the other hand, you can always start as an independent photographer. If your work gets recognition, then photography studios will fight over who gets to hire you.

Architectural photography – A genre that focuses on exploration

This genre is all about exploring a city and capturing small architectural wonders it hides. You have probably seen pictures like this, and you didn’t appreciate them as much as you should at first. Every city has beautiful places that are worth looking at, but only a few experienced photographers can capture their beauty at its best and present it interestingly.


A professional architectural photograph needs time to find locations that are worthy of a picture and finding the right time of day to take those pictures. This requires a lot of dedication to the work. Enhancing those pictures through editing process is also there to accentuate their beauty. This can either ruin the photo or improve it, depending on the creativity of the photographer and their vision of what the final product will look like.

Candid photography – Moments that won’t happen again

Candid genre refers to capturing spontaneous moments of life that happen without any knowledge of the author or anyone else involved. Searching for these moments is futile, unlike in the architectural genre of photography, and you won’t make good pictures if you try to make them happen.


The best pictures that come out of this genre have subjects that are unaware of the photo being taken. Some individuals use the long zoom to capture such moments which is a viable way to do it. This style is popular among people because they only need a good eye for the moment and some creativity to recognize events and scenes worth photographing.