The world of photography is vast as there are many ways to take photos and many different subjects of the same. The fact that more than a dozen of photography genres exist will tell you that there are many exciting paths for an amateur photographer to take. This article will give you a small peek at these various styles of taking pictures. This won’t be a detailed explanation of those styles, but a short introduction of the majority of them. This, hopefully, will make you interested in one or two of those styles and you will ask around and do some research about them.


Our photography studio focuses on a few chosen styles of photography. Every photographer we employ uses their time to perfect one technique of photography which makes them superior to people who try to master several different genres. Our advice to young photographers is to check several types and to choose one. You can switch between them if you find one or another too dull for you.

Interesting photography genres – Aerial

The aerial photography is something that many find attractive, but few choose to learn appropriately. Everyone likes to see aerial pictures because they show us the beauty of an area from a perspective that isn’t seen on a regular basis. This genre of photography takes a lot of time because the difference between a perfect picture and something uninteresting is tiny.


Another big thing about the aerial genre is the investments you will have to make to create pictures that are worth some money. The device you will take photos with needs big lenses because you will have to take the image from a faraway location. It also needs to be a high-quality product because it needs to capture objects in near vicinity as well as objects that are far away in the same frame.

Then there are the costs of going to a location. Professional aerial photographers tend to spend a lot of money to get to a position from which they can take a picture, and this involves everything from helicopters and hot air balloons to hiking up a dangerous mountain.

Who chooses aerial photography over other styles?

Only the most dedicated individuals choose this genre of photography to make money. If you think that this path is for you, then you can try to take aerial photos with a device that doesn’t cost too much. Hike up to a location that gives you a good view of the scenery and try it. This will provide you with some basic idea of whether that is for you or not.


Do note that the path to perfection of creating aerial photos is rough and the money you will make, in the beginning, won’t be enough to cover even the necessary costs of producing the picture. But, as with any other profession, hard work and dedication will make you money in the future. In this case, your aerial images will cost a lot as they are highly sought after by many people.