We already covered several photography styles in two of our previous articles. This post is a continuation of that subject as we take a look at several other genres. This post will give you an insight into one of the styles


If you find it interesting, then do more research on the same as it can turn into your source of income. And remember, if you like one style then there is a good chance that you will be good at it as dedication works better if you like what you do.

Documentary photography – it’s all about the story

Documentary photography is a broad genre as it covers all subjects that turn into an article. Pictures that compose a documentary article focus on one topic. However, the approach to the said subject doesn’t have to be same for every image that makes the story aka documentary.

This style has several different sub-genres that determine the way you will approach the subject. One way to take pictures is to focus on the issue and make it the centerpiece of your work. For example, if you are taking photos of a documentary about an individual, then all images you choose will have that individual as the centerpiece of every picture.


Another approach is to make the story the focus of your work. This means that subjects of your pictures will change, but the story that connects them will still seep through them. An example of this is capturing the story of an athlete. Talking with them is the first step in making them relaxed and then taking pictures during the conversation. Taking pictures of their home, training grounds, rewards, medals and so on will also tell you their story even though the individual isn’t in the frame.

The third sub-genre of this style is all about telling a story about a broad subject (war, starvation in a country, homelessness and so on). The theme is extensive, and thus you can’t take its picture without using different individuals or scenes to represent it. An excellent documentary photographer knows that even the smallest things can tell a big story as long as they are used correctly.